The Baby Lab

By Oliver Whang and Anna Hiltner

Oliver and Anna caught up with Professor Casey Lew-Williams, one of the directors of Princeton University's Baby Lab. Casey and his fellow researchers study development in children whose ages range from a couple months to 7 years old. We talked to Casey because his work gets right to the question we've been asking for a while. Do the things that are important to us when we're young remain important as we get older?

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When I Grown Up I Want To Be An Actor

By Elizabeth Shwe

Elizabeth talks to two kids who are getting ready for their big holiday performance of A Christmas Carol at the McCarter Theater in Princeton. They discussed acting and stuffed animals.

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The Rule of Law

By Julia Ilhardt

Julia has three brothers -- all older than her -- and growing up she relied on strangely formalized rules to survive. Here she is with a toy study of an improvised society. 

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Death and All His Friends

By Oliver Whang

Oliver speaks with Alex Keane about death, family, friends, and bullies. Special shoutout to Alex's dad, Steve, who is a long time WPRB listener. Thanks so much!

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Worry Lines

By Remy Reya

Remy's sister is in 7th grade. That's a seriously tough year. Here's how she's coping. 

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