Oliver talks about his recent trip to Delhi, India, and the sounds he heard while there. 

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Guardian Angels

By Remy Reya

Do you know the voice that counts down the time you have left to cross the crosswalk? "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six..." That's a real person. And at more than 40,000 crosswalks around the U.S. this guy's voice guides people across the road. Remy Reya brings us this story.

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Summer Lovin'

By Andy Latoni

Andy Latoni noticed something strange when she visited her mother's home country of Colombia. Something involving trucks and family and singing, and, of course, John Travolta.

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The Sound of Silence

By Julia Ilhardt

Julia Ilhardt spent almost a month in a private forest in Australia. The sounds she heard. And those she didn't.

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