A Day in the Life

By Oliver Whang

You're alive. I'm alive. But how do we live? We tried to answer this question. A day in the life.

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The Farmer

By Anna Hiltner

Anna Hiltner talks to a local farmer about her day in the life. Here's a word to keep in mind while listening: biodynamics.

00:00 / 18:42

By Elizabeth Shwe

Elizabeth Shwe talks to a professional emergency medical technician (EMT). This is one heck of a day in the life.

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The Dinky Conductor

By Andy Latoni

There's a small train, appropriately called the Dinky, that takes people from the Princeton train station to Princeton Junction. Andy Latoni talks with the woman who collects those tickets that get people from P to PJ.

00:00 / 04:05

By Brittani Telfair

Brittani Telfair wrote a poem about a day in her life. Here it is.

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